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What's an NFT?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, which is data stored on the block chain of the creators choice. This data can be traded and sold, NFT's may be associated with digital files such as photos, videos, and audio.

when can I buy a DSD?

August 10th, they are free!

How Do I Join The Whitelist?

Join the discord, and check out our whitelist section for more information. Our whitelisted members will receive an exclusive discord role, a SPL TOKEN to gain access to the whitelist, a guarnteed mint, and a cheaper price than regular mint.

What's a public Roadmap?

A public roadmap is the public plans that we release for our future vision of DSD. It's essentially a way to let you guys know what our future plans are for DSD and what we want to do in the NFT community. We also have a private roadmap (that only our team gets to see) because we want to under promise and over deliver. So we have our do-able goals on the public roadmap and some of our really cool unrealistic goals/ideas that we just don't know how to deliver on quite yet on our private road map, because we don't want to make false promises in our roadmap that we wont be able to deliver on down the road.

Who's the founder of DSD?

THE FOUNDER OF DSD IS KOLSON O'DONNELL, he is a high school student on a mission to change the world.

Kolson O'Donnell

  • High school Student
  • 4.01 GPA
  • NFT enthusiast
  • Graphic Design
  • HTML coder
  • Video Editing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing


30% of all profits go to This NFT will be used as a free mint towards our next project, Along with weekly giveaways, contests, and events!


Meet The FOunder

What's Diligent Sea Dolphins?

what sets us apart from other NFT projects?

Public Pre-Mint Roadmap 

  1. Promote and Host WL & NFT giveaways in the discord, promotions will be on twitter, discord and other social medias.
  2. Special contests with Sol, NFT, and WL prizes.

Public Post-Mint Roadmap

  1. As Promised we will be donating a percentage of the profits from the mint to TheOceanCleanup. Proof of the donation will be provided on Twitter and Discord.
  2. After minting is done we will be using the majority of the profits that we receive from the 15% sale fee to put back into the project. We will be bringing a lot of new people on to our team to help with our future plans.
  3. (This will be exclusive to DSD holders only). Easter “egg” hunt! We will put a new page up on our website for the Easter “egg” hunt. It will not be easy to find this “egg'', we plan to have a huge piece of artwork spanning the length of 5+ pages, and after you find the “egg” you will click on it and it will take you to a page where more clues will be given to reach the end. The first person to reach the end will win Sol! More guidelines will be given once we reach the 3rd step in our DSD post-mint roadmap.
  4. (This will be exclusive to DSD holders only). Exclusive merch drop! We will have a merch drop exclusively for DSD holders!
  5. (This will be exclusive to DSD holders only). Community Vote! We will be taking a vote on what non-profit organizations we will be donating to next, this choice will be made by DSD holders!
  6. Moving on to our next project! This project is already in the works..... and if you own a DSD then you will be given access to the next project for FREE!

New Roadmap

Our new roadmap will be released after our 8th step is released from the Public Post Mint Roadmap.

DSD Public Roadmap V1

Kolson O'Donnell

Founder, Artist, Marketer, Developer, Web Designer

We plan to help make the world a better place by taking 30% of our profits and donating it to different non-profit organizations to help affect the world positively. Every time we do some sort of sale that brings us profits we will either be giving back to the world or our community, or both! Our first nonprofit organization we will be donating to is TheOceanCleanup. The reason behind our first donation to TheOceanCleanup is because we want to make our environment safer for the sea dolphins and other sea life by making a dent in the 269,000 tons of trash floating around in our ocean. Also in the future when we continue to make donations to different non-profit organizations, Anyone who holds a DSD will be able to vote for what non-profit organization the DSD team will be donating to.

We are a free mint, and will also give back to the DSD members, we do Sol Giveaways For DSD Holders, exclusive merch drops only for DSD Holders, private access to future NFT projects, and finally exclusive events that only DSD members will have access to.


-30% Of All Profits Go To Charity

-Free Access To Our Next Project

-Sol + NFT Giveaways

-Weekly Contests

Diligent Sea Dolphins is a collection of 1,111 Solana NFT's, we are a project for the people. Our #1 priority is to make the world a better place while providing a great community. We will never lie to you! Which is why I'm telling you we can not guarantee you profit on the Diligent Sea Dolphins project, but we will try to make our project one of the best long-term investments by promoting the hell out of it and having a great team with good intentions behind our project.